We recruit the best and the brightest faculty members. Each year approximately 150 new faculty members join our ranks as lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors or full professors.

Academic Appointments

The Department of Medicine has an enormous societal responsibility to ensure that we recruit and support strong clinicians, teachers, educators, quality improvers and researchers who will shape the next generation of internal medicine specialists.

Continuing Faculty Appointment Review

The Continuing Faculty Appointment Review is a key part of the career progression of full-time clinical faculty members in the Department of Medicine. It is a rigorous evaluation process that reviews work that faculty members have contributed to date.

Junior Promotion

All clinical faculty members can be considered for junior promotion at any time they fulfill the requirements for initial appointment at the rank of assistant professor, irrespective of duration of time as lecturer.

Senior Promotion

Academic promotion is a means of acknowledging and rewarding faculty who have excelled in specific aspects of the University of Toronto’s academic mission to create and disseminate knowledge, while providing service to the University.

Mentorship, Equity & Diversity

We optimize our faculty members' well-being and academic success through enhanced mentorship strategies that span the entire academic lifespan.

Faculty Development