Emergency Medicine: Faculty/Staff Program Event Signup

1. Rosen Rounds Sign-Up

Hello everyone,

Needless to say the pandemic threw in a few twists this year with finalizing CaRMS, conferences, and accreditation dates- but we finally have our Rosen's Rounds dates set! Thank you all for your patience.

How to sign up:

  1. The sign up will go live on July 9 at 18:00. In the meantime you will be able to view the dates here. Reminder that this sign up is first come first serve. If you would like to trade, please contact the presenter directly and let us know if any trades are confirmed- we will be happy to update the schedule.
  2. Up to 2 presenters may sign up per week. If you plan to present both chapters please add your name to both sign up slots for the week.
  3. Please do not sign up for more than 2 Rosen's Chapters.
  4. We have added some additional notes to the sign up sheet this year highlighting feedback from the residents. For example, chapters that require more content that goes beyond Rosens
  5. Please use the following link to sign up on July 9 at 18:00

Presentation Information

  • Attended by PGY 2-5s and staff
  • Pending reassessment of pandemic restrictions, our rounds will take place at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (Room UC Lecture Theatre in the basement) at 550 University Ave
  • If pandemic restrictions are still in place, then rounds will continue to take place over Zoom
  • You are NOT expected to summarize the whole chapter
  • Things to focus on: key points, management approaches, high-yield exam material, practical considerations, recent evidence, resources/guidelines
  • Format: Nothing specified, although residents greatly appreciate presentations that are more interactive and involve resident participation. Ideas include lectures based with exam style questions, case-based, flipped classroom, etc.
  • This is just a friendly reminder to be mindful of the time limit. Rosen's Rounds are from 08:30 - 09:50. Please allow 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions. If there are 2 presenters, you would each have 35-40 minutes for your presentation (including 5 min for questions)

We are very excited for the upcoming academic year and look forward to working with you all.

Have a great summer!

Julianna Deutscher & Victoria Myers

Lead Residents 2020-2021