Department of Medicine

International Behavioural Neurology Rounds

May 29, 2019

International Behavioural Neurology Videoconference Rounds – Weekly on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 (cancelled if another event/conference occurring at the same time) 

Speaker: Jerry M. Cuttler, D.Sc., Nuclear Sciences
Title: Validating the Treatment for Alzheimer’s Dementia using Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation

Learning Objectives

1. History of medical treatments with low doses of ionizing radiation since 1896
2. Treatment of a patient with advanced Alzheimer’s dementia in 2015 using CT scans of brain, Michigan USA
3. Treatment of patient’s spouse (Parkinson’s disease) in 2015
4. Biological basis of stimulating adaptive protection systems of patients using ionizing radiation
5. Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Toronto to replicate treatment given to AD patient in 2015, to confirm repeatability
6. Efficacy and safety of medical treatments with low doses of ionizing radiation

How to Join Zoom Meeting 

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: You must register for these rounds prior to the start time. A link can be provided to register by Sandy Penwarden.  After registering, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Zoom containing information about how to join the meeting, which will include the link to connect via PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android and via telephone. There is a 30-min. pretest scheduled prior to the meeting start time.  


There will be a Speaker Evaluation and Attendance Sheet for each round. 

Sandy Penwarden